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I submitted a remove from mail request; why am I still receiving catalogs and postcards?

Our marketing mail is planned many weeks in advance, so it may not be possible to pull mailers that are already in the pipeline. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your request to take effect. **Has it been more than 6 weeks?** You may still receive catalogs or other promotional pieces from us if your name continues to appe…

How can I be removed from your email newsletter list?

Is your inbox overflowing? Let's fix that. Subscriptions to our email lists are voluntary. _And we never share or sell your email address. See our [privacy policy][1] for more details._ You can unsubscribe from some, or all of our newsletters, at any time. If you receive unwanted email communication from us, please f…

How can I be removed from your catalog mailing list?

Looking to reduce the amount of paper you receive? No problem! Our catalogs are available to you in PDF and electronic versions on our [catalogs][1] page. To remove your name and address from our postal mailing list just complete our [mailing list removal form][2]. We promise to remove your name from our database* ri…

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