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How can I be removed from your catalog mailing list?
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Looking to reduce the amount of paper you receive?  No problem!  Our catalogs are available to you in PDF and electronic versions on our catalogs page.


To remove your name and address from our postal mailing list just complete our mailing list removal form.  We promise to remove your name from our database* right away.  It may not be possible to pull mailers that are already in the pipeline though, so you may continue to receive some mail for 3-6 weeks after we receive your removal request. To ensure accurate removal, please provide the information exactly as it appears on your catalog mailing label and include the savings code printed in the address area on the back of your catalog. The savings code is a 6 to 10 digit alpha-numeric number containing one to two letters (as shown below).  For example: 97125W1312 or 48001DA or 15102C.  To continue receiving savings codes and other special offers, consider signing up for our e-newsletters instead!

*Please be aware that we may not be able to remove your name from lists that we rent from outside vendors.


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