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Will my order include sales tax? How is it calculated?

Items sold by Brookes Publishing Co., and shipped to destinations in the following states* are subject to sales tax: Indiana | Maryland | Pennsylvania | Texas | Washington **How Sales Tax is Calculated** If an item is subject to sales tax in the destination to which the order is shipped, tax is generally calculated…

I am GST exempt. Why does my order include Canadian GST?

At this time we are unable to exempt any entity from GST. We **must** include and collect GST on your order because we are required to pay the GST for every order we ship to Canada via standard ground* service upon entry into Canada. _This applies even if you are tax exempt. _ **Why?** Your order is viewed as part o…

I am tax exempt; can you remove / refund the sales tax on my order?

We are required to collect state sales tax on items shipping to destinations in the following states: Indiana | Maryland | Pennsylvania | Texas | Washington If you qualify for tax exempt status*, please supply a copy of your state resale certificate, tax exemption certificate, or other acceptable proof of tax exempt…

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