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I am GST exempt. Why does my order include Canadian GST?

At this time we are unable to exempt any entity from GST.  We must include and collect GST on your order because we are required to pay the GST for every order we ship to Canada via standard ground* service upon entry into Canada.  This applies even if you are tax exempt.


Your order is viewed as part of a larger single taxable shipment because we consolidate our Canadian orders into two large shipments twice each month, on the 10th and 25th.  Each consolidation is recognized by the Canadian government as one order with one collective value.  Because the entire value of the consolidation is considered taxable we are required to pay GST on the entire consolidation upon entry into Canada. 

Can I be reimbursed?

Yes!  If you are GST exempt, please seek reimbursement from the Canadian government for the GST you have paid on our invoice.  Our GST Registration Number is: 858676448RT0001 (Brookes Publishing).

*Orders not included in our consolidated ground service, such as rush orders and orders shipping via your own UPS or FedEx collect shipping account, will not include any GST on our order invoice. 

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