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What is a PO (Purchase Order)?
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What is a Purchase Order?", we are sometimes asked.


If you prefer to be billed for your order rather than prepaying by check or credit card, we are happy to invoice your organization on a 30-day term upon receipt of a valid agency Purchase Order (PO) authorizing the purchase.


Purchase Orders are typically used when a buyer (you) wishes to purchase materials from a seller (us!) and allows for the seller to provide the materials requested in advance of receiving payment.  The Purchase Order is a legally binding document that serves as a "promise to pay" and also makes tracking the status of the order more convenient for both the buyer and seller by assigning a mutually recognizable identifier to the order (the buyer's PO Number). 


The Purchase Order is prepared and submitted by the buyer, typically through a central Finance or Purchasing Department.  However, some organizations may generate Purchase Orders by way of an Office Manager or other personnel authorized to approve purchases.  The Purchase Order is most often completed with the use of Purchasing Software, but many organizations use Purchase Order forms available at office supply stores. 


Purchase Orders must include your assigned PO Number, PO date, the billing and shipping address, the quantities, titles, and prices of the items you wish to purchase, a total amount due, and an authorizing signature by the party responsible for approving purchases within your organization.



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