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I entered my savings code on your website but it isn't working.

If you are entering a savings code on our website during checkout and it isn't working, it may have expired. Savings codes are time sensitive and valid only for a limited time. Please check the terms of your offer for an expiration date. **Still valid?** If your special offer is still current, double check the savin…

How do I redeem a discount or savings code?

Quantity discounts are applied to your order automatically when purchasing a title in bulk. Please see our [discounts][1] page for detailed information on our bulk discount schedule. **Have a special offer? ** Savings codes can be found at the bottom of flyers and other ads, on the back of your catalog, in the promo…

How can I get a discount or coupon?

Who doesn't love a deal? And we want to give you one! Here's how.... Our catalogs and emails are the best way to receive special offers. We regularly offer special sales and discounts to our [catalog][1] and email [newsletter][2] subscribers. We also highlight website special offers and discounts on featured books fo…

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