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How do I redeem a discount or savings code?

Quantity discounts are applied to your order automatically when purchasing a title in bulk.  Please see our discounts page for detailed information on our bulk discount schedule.

Have a special offer? 

Savings codes can be found at the bottom of flyers and other ads, on the back of your catalog, in the promotional email you receive, and on the last page of the order forms we distribute at conferences.  To claim a savings code discount, you’ll need to supply the savings code associated with it when you place your order.  If ordering by fax or mail, please reference the savings code number and discount clearly on your order form or PO.  Ordering by phone or online?  Have your code handy—we’ll ask you for it when you check out!  Your savings code can be entered in your shopping cart as you shop or on the final checkout page, as shown in the two examples below.  Just look for the Savings Code field.

Please note:

  • Savings codes are time sensitive and valid for a limited time only; please note the expiration date of your special offer.
  • Unless otherwise noted, discounts in print and online cannot be combined with any other offer, including bulk/volume discounts.
  • Savings codes may not be applied to previous orders and are not retroactive.
  • Some discounts are offered online only.
  • Unless otherwise noted, discounts apply to U.S. customers only.

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