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I'd like to publish my book with Brookes. How do I submit my proposal?

Are you interested in joining our exclusive list of respected authors?  We welcome the opportunity to consider your proposal.

To submit a proposal to us, send the following items via email to our Acquisitions Division

  • A prospectus. Tell us about your book! Be sure to include its focus, purpose, authors, audience, and competition; describe the issues it will tackle or the problem it will solve; clarify what makes it important or unique; and tell us who will use it and how. You can share as much information as you want to give us the best possible understanding of your book.
  • A completed Publication Questionnaire. Please fill this out thoroughly; we use your responses to inform our decisions about your proposal and to envision how your project would be marketed.
  • An annotated table of contents. Provide as much chapter detail as you can. For edited volumes, indicate how many chapters have been assigned and who will write each chapter. Contributors don’t have to be secured for all chapters in the book at the time you submit your proposal.
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) and the CVs of any co-editors or co-authors who will participate in the development of your book.
  • Any relevant supporting material. Send us a chapter or lesson plan, technical data or articles, reference citations, or other representative samples.

You should expect to hear back from us within a week or two to acknowledge we have received your proposal and to share next steps. Our acquisitions editors carefully consider your submission; the process may include both an internal review and peer reviews by experts in the field. Because this review process is comprehensive, it may take up to three months for us to contact you with a decision about your proposal.

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